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Hardwood Floor Cleaning 

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Wood floors need regular maintenance to maintain their beauty and durability.

Alliance Clean Wood Floor Cleaning Process is specifically designed for solid hardwood and engineered wood floors as well as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) type flooring. Like other surfaces that see regular use, dirt, grime and debris build up over time that can damage wood floors as well as allergens and bacteria that can compromise home and family healthy. Our Wood Floor Cleaning Process will remove built up surface dirt, grime and debris and revive the existing finish. We recommend hardwood floor maintenance every two to four months. Many people don’t know this, but dirt and dust act like sandpaper to your hardwood floors, prematurely wearing the finish from your floors. 


The Alliance Clean Wood Floor Cleaning Process offers many benefits including:

  • Removes dirt, grime, allergens from pets and pollen, smoke, and bacteria

  • Increases floor life

  • Provides a superior deep clean vs. typical mopping

  • Provides a protective barrier to protect any future damage

  • Adds a durable shine

  • Sanitizes floors to eliminate bacteria

  • Uses minimal moisture, preventing potential damage to the wood floors


The Wood Floor Cleaning Process


  1. We first give the floor a visual inspection to make sure we’ve found all damaged areas. We also do this inspection to determine if we can restore your floor’s appearance with the Bridgepoint System or if more aggressive restoration is required.

  2. We vacuum the floor to remove dust and large loose particles.

  3. We then deep clean your floor using buffering or specialized equipment and cleaning solutions. Our system is designed to loosen embedded soil and residue trapped deep within your floor’s finish, while using minimal water solution to protect the wood.

  4. To get the edges and hard-to-reach corners of your floor, we give it a detailed hand cleaning with microfiber cloths to grab any fine debris that might remain.

  5. Finally, a neutralizing solution is used to remove residue from existing cleaning agents and we perform a polishing procedure to give your floor the best shine available.




$0.75 - $0.95 per cleanable sq. ft.


Optional layer of protective finish

$0.40 - $0.55 per cleanable sq. ft.

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