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VCT Floors Strip & Wax

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Beautifully maintained VCT floors can help boost morale, cleanliness and productivity with in your business. However, over time, grime can build up creating the need to strip and wax vinyl composite tile (VCT) floors to restore their beautiful. In commercial buildings these VCT floors are located in restrooms, hallways, break rooms, sanctuaries, class rooms, and food service areas. Restoring a floor by stripping and waxing it removes the deteriorated finish so that a new finish can be applied to a professionally prepped clean surface. Alliance Cleaning Solutions will strip and wax commercial floors in:

  • commercial facilities of all kinds

  • office buildings, medical, hotels, restaurants

  • churches & other places of worship

  • schools, colleges & universities

  • industrial warehouses, theme parks, airports


Environmentally friendly processes and cleaning solutions are available when stripping and waxing VCT flooring. Some less experienced contractors use harsh chemicals that can be very smelly and irritating. Eco-friendly cleaning options are available to keep VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) to a minimum. Most manufacturers have their own cleaning guidelines. It takes an experienced professional to specify the correct cleaning frequency, cleaning method and type/amount of finish coats.




The cost to strip and wax floors can run from .50 sq. ft. to $3.00 sq. ft. The price is determined by the condition of the floor surface, the surface type, the type of finish to be reapplied, and the amount of equipment or furnishings needed to move, and the time of day that it can be serviced.


Alliance Cleaning Solution’s commercial stripping and waxing service is efficient, affordable, and pain free.  Call on the area’s number-one stripping and waxing professionals to come to your home or office to clean and refurbish your floors, making them look brand-new. We bring your floors back to life and looking more appealing to the eye once again.

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